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A cabinet lock can be used where secure locking of cabinets and drawers is essential and event tracking is of importance. It is especially recommended for use in public cloak-rooms, offices handling confidential data, drawers containing keys, arms cases etc.. Another range of use is in public swimming pools lockers.


The locked item can be opened only after the pin, inserted into the electromagnetic lock, is released.

The control unit (not included in the lock delivery) checks the access of the agent and sends an electric impulse to the electric lock to release the blocked pin. The standard version of the lock can lock and unlock the secured item as opposed to locks with status indication feature that also give a signal about the pin´s position.

Table of locks EZS
 Photo  Symbol  Voltage [V]  Description
 EZS 12 - 24 standard
 EZS-S 12 - 24 signaling
 EZS-P 12 - 24 spring
 EZS-PS 12 - 24 signaling, spring
 EZS-2VK 12 - 24 integrated dual
 EZS-R 12 - 24 reverse
 EZS-RS 12 - 24 reverse, signaling
Additional elements
Photo  Symbol  Description
   NO-K  Stainless steel casing to lock
   NO-D  Stainless steel casing for a dual lock

Table of locks ZS
 Photo  Symbol  Voltage [V]  Description
 ZS 12 - 24 standard
 ZS-L 12 - 24 signaling
 ZS-S 12 - 24 standard, key
 ZS-SL 12 - 24 standard, key, signaling      
 ZS-B 12 - 24 reverse
 ZS-BL 12 - 24 reverse, signaling