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Selflocking motor lock Bera is designed for installation in doors with high security. From the outer side of the door is unlocked via the key cylinder or an electric pulse through the internal engine. Electric pulse, the internal motor drive, trigger mechanism moving in lock, release the upper split latch and simultaneously pulls the dead bolt back to the lock, it will fully open the door. Without this impulse from intercom button or access device can be opened only by key or internal panic handle. At the touch of the inner handle is unlocked and the door opened without a key.

PANIK function is used by emergency doors.

Selflocking motor lock is always locked in two points, if is not opened by electrical impulse and switched to "Day time" . By closing the dors is trigger latch pushed to lock and it will automatically eject split latches and dead bolt. When a power failure, the lock is always locked, unless the failure during engine operation. We recommend the installation of backup resources in order to avoid this.


Selflocking motor lock can be used for exterior and interior doors made of metal, plastic or wood, in left and right.

Photo Symbol Voltage [V] Description
ic photo camera black 24dp 1x BERA -- Mechanical lock standard
ic photo camera black 24dp 1x BERA-E 12 Outside handle control
ic photo camera black 24dp 1x BERA-D 12 Outside control handle, beeper, LED
ic photo camera black 24dp 1x BERA-M 12 Outside handle control, beeper, LED, tamper
ic photo camera black 24dp 1x BERA-W 12 both of handles control, beeper,  LED, tamper


  • ENV 1627 : Odporność na włamanie - Wymagania i klasyfikacja - 3 stopień bezpieczeństwa.
  • EN 12209:2004 : Okucia budowlane. Zamki wraz z zaczepami uruchamiane mechanicznie. Wymagania i metody badań. 
  • EN 13501:2003 : Klasyfikacja ogniowa elementów budynków. Klasyfikacja na podstawie badań reakcji na ogień.

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